Ideal Dairy Farms
A family tradition of passion for cows,
our team, community and the land.


Our cows are milked three times a day. In October of 2017 we started up a new milking center. In our new parlor we milk 1,960 cows on a rotary that holds 72 cows at a time. The cows enter the rotary and then travel around in a circle while the milking staff wipe, sanitize and dry their teats, before applying the milking machine. Cleanliness of the cows, their udders and the milking equipment is extremely important to us!! We wash the parlor between each milking. With only twenty four hours in the day we milk, almost “around the clock”! Every day we ship about 178,000 pounds of milk or 20,700 gallons!!! Wow!

While some may be familiar with the “Ideal Dairy” brand milk, we stopped packaging under our own name in 1987. Now Ideal Dairy produces the same quality milk, but contributes it to a cooperative pool with 1,577 dairies in the Northeast to be pasteurized, bottled, marketed and distributed to the consumer. Some familiar brands that our cooperative, DFA, supplies are Kraft, Chobani, Hershey, Sorrento and Hood. Although we are no longer processing and distributing our milk we remain committed to producing quality milk and take great pride in the maintenance and cleanliness of our facilities. Our milking staff places great emphasis on meeting and exceeding the quality markers established by our milk cooperative.

Cows enjoy calmness and appreciate consistency. We do our best to make sure they are milked at the same time everyday and their experience is a pleasurable one. Our cows know when it is milking time and they anticipate it. When their freestall gate is opened they head for the milking parlor and eventually work into four single file lines to enter. Once settled into their spot each udder is sanitized and dried by hand and the milking machine applied. The cows enter and exit the rotary continuously in calm and steady stream. When they exit they return directly to their groups, where they may eat, drink and sleep comfortably.

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