Ideal Dairy Farms
A family tradition of passion for cows,
our team, community and the land.

Feeding Our Cows

We work with several specialized dairy nutritionists to create the best possible diet for our cows. They are fed a mixture of nutritious ingredients specially designed to promote healthy growth and milk production. We monitor our ingredients closely to ensure a balanced diet for our animals. Much of what our cows eat is made up of crops grown right on our farm! Well fed cows not only produce more milk, but they’re happier too! And healthy, happy cows are what we strive for!


Corn contains a lot of energy and is a great source of nutrition for our cows. Usually planted in early May, by August a tiny little seed has grown into a plant that is 12 feet tall and ready to be harvested! In the fall, when our corn has reached full maturity it is chopped and fed to our cows as corn silage, an important part of their balanced diet.


In addition to 1,500 acres of corn we also plant and harvest about 2,000 acres of hay crop. Hay is harvested 4 times every year with yields varying depending on the weather. Some of our hay crop is baled, but most of it is chopped and fed as haylage.



In an effort to optimize the use of our on farm resources our fields are fertilized with cow manure. Cow manure is an effective means of replenishing nutrients diminished from the soil over time from crop growth. We often have to transport manure significant distances to reach our fields. Adding efficiency to our nutrient management plan we also utilize a drag-line system, with remote storage locations, allowing us to pump manure through a hose directly inserting it into the soil, or to a secondary storage location. This system minimizes the odor and eliminates the need to transport it over the road, while also making it possible to focus our application schedule during times of optimal nutrient absorption.


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