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Cookiecutter Holsteins

Cookiecutter Holsteins was launched in 2004 with the purchase of MS KNGS-RNSM CHAMP HALEY, a Champion going back to the Dellia family, as a 6 month old heifer for $4,700. A flush to Goldwyn while Haley was a virgin heifer, resulting in 8 full sisters, has perpetuated the family through varying branches and currently over 200 animals carry the Cookiecutter prefix - all descending back to Haley.

The Cookiecutter “herd” is housed at Ideal Dairy Farms in Hudson Falls, NY alongside Quiet Brook Holsteins animals. Currently the farm is home to 1200 mature cows, 975 head of young stock and 40 bulls in testing or waiting for A.I.

Cookiecutter is a three way partnership between Denise Dickinson, and Kyle and Luke Getty who are all involved at Ideal Dairy full time. Through Ideal Dairy leasing recipient dams to Cookiecutter ET and IVF work has been used extensively.

We welcome inquiries on this exciting cow family that continues to impress us through both transmitting ability and hard work.
Please visit our Cookiecutter website!

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