Ideal Dairy Farms
A family tradition of passion for cows,
our team, community and the land.

About Us

Our Story

Ideal Dairy Farms, owned and operated by the Dickinson, Getty and Grimaldi Families, started selling milk by the dipper, door to door, around 1908. Ideal Dairy packaged and sold their milk to local communities until 1987. Today, Ideal houses 2150 registered Holsteins and has approximately 1730 replacement heifers, and produces 178,000 pounds (20,700 gallons) of milk per day. To support the nutritional needs of the herd, Ideal Dairy operates 3,500 acres in Washington and Warren counties. In over 100 years Ideal Dairy's vision has remained unchanged, we are committed to the production of quality milk. We are blessed with a team of awesome people, great cows, fertile land, and a supportive community, to make it all possible.

Our Mission

Ideal Dairy strives to sustain a long-term viable business, producing high quality milk, through exceptional animal husbandry; valuing employee contributions and teamwork; promoting stewardship of our soil and water resources, and striving to develop a positive view of agriculture within our community.

Our Crew

We are very fortunate to have a great team working to keep our operation running smoothly. We extend our gratitude for their hard work and loyalty. We couldn't do it without them!

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